Connor De Phillippi Racing

Connor De Phillippi is a young racing prodigy from Southern California. He has competed in several high profile racing series around the globe and found success early on. It was clear that a young racing talent had arrived. Connor had reached a point when he felt he was ready to take on more prestigious events. Unlike most sports, Motor Racing requires large sums of money per athlete to operate – typically in the millions of dollars for a two-driver team.

A self-brand was needed so Connor could pitch his talents and secure funding and sponsorship from some of the biggest companies in the world. I designed a logo, stationery and a brochure to be used for promoting Connor and Connor De Phillippi Racing (CDP Racing). A pitch deck was produced, and distributed to potential sponsors including individuals and corporations.

Indeed, Connor did secure funding and became a seasoned professional in several championship events including ADAC GT Masters Races throughout Europe, IMSA’S WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and the Porsche Carrera Cup.