Dietz Companies

If you’re a District Attorney, Prosecutor or in Law Enforcement, particularly the FBI, then you’ve heard of the name – Dr Park Dietz. Dr Dietz is a maven in his field, and one of the world’s leading minds on forensic psychiatry. He, and his company, Park Dietz & Associates are responsible for formulating forensic and expert witness operating standards that are used today. Dr Dietz has testified for the prosecution in hundreds of criminal and civil cases, including notables like Jeffrey Dahmer, Son of Sam, Columbine High School, Boston Bombers, CBS, and Virginia Tech.

Threat Assessment Group (TAG) was founded in 1987 by Dr Dietz as an outgrowth of his unique combination of practical and research experience in injury prevention, the analysis of threatening communications, mental disorders, and criminal behavior.

TAG and PD&A are sister companies under the Dietz name. PD&A focuses on forensic expert witness testimony. TAG teaches firms to prepare for any type of adverse situation bought on by an employee, such as workplace violence and shootings, as well as intimidation and stalking.

Since 2012 I have been fortunate enough to have created, and maintained both firms brand systems, visuals and tone of communication. I am responsible for all brand touch-points and internal design systems. I designed both marks, identity systems, colour, and typography. Projects have encompassed print and digital disciplines, from writing copy to business cards and exhibition stands, and from email signatures to fully functioning websites and animations highlighting both firms successes and expertise.