The Hawaiian Collection

Don Hurzeler, one of the owners of the Lava Light Gallery in Hawaii, was interested in producing a case bound book to exhibit the work of his photography and the photography of CJ Kale and Nick Selway.

I met Don and we discussed options. We decided to produce two versions of this book. A high-end limited edition signed version and a regular version.

The regular edition of The Hawaiian Collection is a 216-page case bound book with a photographic metal plate inset into the outside front cover. The book is printed in four colour process plus dry trap spot gloss varnish throughout.

The limited edition signed version of The Hawaiian Collection is an upscale presentation of the same text pages with a bonded leather cover and metal photograph insert, presented in a black cloth clamshell that is decorated and stamped with four foil colours, two of which are lenticular hologram foils to depict and create movement. The cover was meticulously designed to simulate molten lava crevasses and cracks.

The books were popular and sold quickly.