Kaua'i - A New Light

After capturing Kauai’s magic for over 11 years, photographer Aaron Feinberg wanted to produce a book, Kaua’i – A New Light. This long awaited compilation traverses the portfolio from classic scenes to intimate landscapes to surreal abstractions. Many images included in the book had never been published or shown publicly before.

I worked closely with Aaron to get a feel for his vision of the book. It was agreed we’d let the images do most of the talking. I made the decision to include each image title. I believe this helps the viewer appreciate the work.

We decided to do two regular edition covers. One with a green colour palette, the other an orange colour palette. The contrast worked well. This edition would also come with a slipcase. A custom pattern covered the slipcase in a spot varnish, and was commissioned and drawn to represent the indigenous art, culture and flora and fauna of the island. The Limited Edition version comes signed and numbered and enclosed in a clamshell box.

Kaua’i – A New Light was well recieved and the feedback was positive. The books can be purchased here.

A custom pattern was commissioned to add to the island feel and to represent the indigenous peoples beautiful art and culture which is thousands of years old.

This called a “flatplan” and is used by designers to get a overview and feel for the flow of the book. An early mentor of mine showed me this technique and I’ve used it ever since.