Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing

Best of New Zealand Fly Fishing, (BONZFF), has operated for over thirty years. They organise high-end fly fishing experiences in New Zealand. 2015 was a down year for the business so they realised they needed to do something. My brother and I were approached to build an advertising campaign with the aim of finding new customers, increase bookings and revenue, and to find new suppliers to potentially partner with.

We knew that fishing wasn’t for everyone, particularly traveling couples where one half may not like fishing at all. So other activities were highlighted like hiking, golfing and extreme sport offerings. New Zealand has a lot to offer everyone.

BONZFF doesn’t sell shoes. These are ten to fifty thousand dollar experiences, so our target demo was quite narrow and limited to an exclusive group of customers. We designed a new identity and look and feel for the brand. With a budget of $100,000 we started an online advertising media buy across several popular fishing and lifestyle/outdoor sites, and golf country clubs. We produced a magazine called New Zealand Is, and distributed it electronically through the sites like Issue. In addition we bought ad space in popular magazines, and in newspapers. An accompanying website was designed to centralise inquiries and orders. 

The results included a sixty percent increase in business for three seasons after the campaign launch. To support the brand and keep current and future customers up to date with all things fly fishing, six bi-monthly newsletters were produced for several years.